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  • – Just like any other car brand, the Ford Mustang has common problems. Worn outer tie rod ends may cause a squeaking noise when you turn the steering wheel. A failed upper bushing may present with a loud chirping or squeaking noise when the engine is warm.
  • – You may experience synchroniser damage and a camshaft sensor mount problem after approximately 177 000km if the magnet falls out of its mount and wrecks nearby synchronisers.
  • – Owners of 2.3L four-cylinder 1994 to 2001 engine models have discovered that coolant can mix with the engine oil when there’s a leak from the intake manifold. Early detection and repair can prevent serious damage.

Speak to us if your 1999 to 2019 Ford Mustang GT has a mass air flow sensor problem that causes the check engine light to come on when the car hesitates. We provide parts and advice.


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